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It is our goal to become an asset and a resource to our clients, and to build clients for life. In our constant search for value-added services to our clients, we are now offering an exclusive level of services through our Perks Club.

The following services are FREE and available to you at your convenience:

  1. Free advice on all buying and selling decisions including FREE MARKET EVALUATIONS
  2. All rental forms necessary to rent out your property
  3. Buyer qualification estimates for a new purchase
  4. Free use of copy machine for individual pieces
  5. Free market analysis for insurance purposes showing all comparable sold properties
  6. Free investment analysis of any income property showing financial management rates of return, cost per unit, gross rent multipliers, and capitalization rates
  7. Referrals to lenders, and other real estate services
  8. Free analysis of re-finance viability
  9. Referrals to the best insurance agents for policy comparisons
  10. Complete lender negotiation facilities that will facilitate short payoffs or interest rate reductions
  11. Analysis of improvement versus cost versus value enhancement of any improvement contemplated on any property
  12. Suggestions on how to increase income and decrease expenses on your investment properties
  13. Referrals to top real estate agents in any city across the world should you contemplate a move
  14. Analysis of real estate investment purchases including cash flow
  15. A rent versus buy analysis
  16. Closing cost estimator on a new purchase
  17. Estimated seller net "cash at sale" upon a proposed sale

As you can see, we want to be your asset and resource. Take advantage of our free services. Whenever the subject of real estate comes up, think "Big John" Peterson's Home Marketing Team.

To have the knowledge, experience and dedication of the “Big John’s” Team working to save you money, time and contractual headaches, email us at or call 403-244-5646 to discuss your real estate needs.


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