New Listings and Inventory Shrink as Sales Start to Increase

May numbers indicate a shift in the Calgary and Area real estate Market.  Inventory is shrinking and the sales are increasing versus last year and show great improvement over the beginning of 2019.  If you are thinking of buying, these are the lead indicators of fewer buying options and a more stable market.  If you are looking for a BUYING DEAL, the window may be closing on the best opportunities.

Absorption Rate: (0 to 2 months of supply is a seller’s market, 2 to 3.5 months of supply is balanced, and 4 or over becomes a buyer’s market)

  • City of Calgary:  2019 – 3.9 versus 2018 – 4.9 months of supply
  • Single Family Detached: 2019 – 3.3 versus 2018 – 4.3 months of supply
  • Attached Homes: 2019 – 4.5 versus 2018 – 5.3 months of supply
  • Apartment Condominiums:  2019 – 5.25 versus 2018 – 6.8 months of supply

Sales to New Listings: (Ratio of under 0.6 indicates more of a buyer’s market, 0.6 to 0.8 indicates a balanced market, and over 0.8 indicates movement towards a seller’s market)

  • City of Calgary: 2019 – 0.56 versus 2018 – 0.4 sales for every new listing
  • Single Family Detached: 2019 – 0.59 versus 2018 – 0.4 sales for every new listing
  • Attached Homes: 2019 – 0.55 versus 2018 – 0.4 sales for every new listing
  • Apartments: 2019 – 0.5 versus 2018 – 0.36 sales for every new listing

May Total Sales:  Up 11% versus 2018

Year to Date Total Sales:   Down 1.3%

May New Listings:  Down 22% versus 2018

May Total Inventory:  Down 12%

May Benchmark Pricing: Down 3-5% depending on the product category

The sales numbers are improving.  The buying activity is still about 10% below the 10-year average but moving in the right direction.

Looking for deals, now may be the last opportunity before some recovery starts!  Buyers are realizing the combination of low mortgage rates and some great buying opportunities means NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!

All the money is made in your purchase!  We are telling all our clients this right now. There are AMAZING deals in this market.  If you want to find the best deals and negotiate a great purchase contract, call us!  We can help you achieve your real estate goals.  DON’T TRY AND BUY WITHOUT GETTING THE BEST ADVISE AND DON’T BUY WITHOUT YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATION LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR BEST INTERESTS!

If you are thinking of buying, selling, or investing in Calgary and the Surrounding Area we are here to help you achieve your real estate Goals!

Calgary Real Estate Stats May 2019